car rental consultantNedrelid Corporate Advisory is an independent consulting and advisory firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are a boutique operation with a clear focus on the car rental industry. Our ambition and objective is to be the car rental consultant of choice to operators of all sizes and in all markets.

We offer an extensive range of services covering multiple facets of car rental operations. Our service offering is equally relevant for strategic and operational aspects of a modern car rental business and are adapted to companies at all stages of their development.

For current operators we can assist in identifying growth opportunities and through our analytical capacity we can help with detecting potential areas for improvement in operational and financial performance. We are also able to support prospective operators and recent industry entrants with getting their business up and running.

Examples of how or services may benefit car rental operators include reviewing the business model in place and analyzing growth opportunities such as geographical expansion. We can also intervene in the analysis of current operational performance, e.g. based on benchmarking versus competition or through an analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) with the objective of finding the most relevant one(s) in order for the organization to achieve its overall objectives, e.g. value creation. For more detailed information on our service offering we refer to our consulting services page.

We aim to contribute to the wider community through expanding the body of knowledge on various aspects related to the car rental industry. As part of our efforts to do so, we maintain a blog and publish white papers on various topics. Our various publications are freely available for consultation here.

We invite you to get in touch for a discussion on how we can support your growth, performance and value creation development efforts, either by e-mail, by phone on

+41 79 782 4996 or via our contact form.